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The company participated in the donation of hope primary school - yunyun sunshine hope primary school in tengchong city, yunnan province was officially completed and put into use

The completion ceremony of cloud sunshine hope primary school was held on March 29, 2018. [photo/VCG] This not only marks the birth of a new sunshine hope primary school under the efforts of caring people and local governments, but also opens a new chapter of mutual learning and growth between the school and the donor partners. >>>> cloud sunshine hope primary school profile

In March 2016, when the inspirational sunshine team came to the left primary school for the first time for investigation, 261 children, 17 teaching staff and three preschool teachers were still running schools at the old site of the old temple. Not only was the area occupied by students seriously insufficient, but the development of the school also lost the source of funds. The village committee has made every effort to improve the school conditions, but the lack of regional economy makes the school's development difficult. After fully understanding the basic situation of the school, inspirational sunshine student fund signed a contract with the local government in May of the same year, and started construction in October.

Today's cloud sunshine hope primary school has been a new look. The number of students has increased to 285, with 18 teaching staff and 3 preschool teachers, equipped with student library, multimedia equipment classroom, music, art and other functional classrooms, as well as all kinds of sports equipment and art teaching AIDS.

Completion ceremony

Completion ceremony by tengchong municipal party secretary meng's speech opened. Mr. Chen of jiangsu province sent his best wishes on behalf of the donors to encourage the children to study hard and grow up happily. Chen xu, deputy secretary-general of the youth foundation of yunnan province, also expressed his expectation for the bright future of the school in his speech. Diantan county government presented the golden banner to hua xiaodong, deputy secretary general of inspirational sunshine education fund, and Chen qiji from jiangsu province, thanking them for their love and attention since the start of construction and completion of the school. Then, jiangsu qiji's friends brought donated books to the children, and the student representatives from the school's young pioneers also took the stage to express their gratitude for the school's assistance. Finally, all the leaders and representatives cut the ribbon for the completion of the school.

Charity class

After the completion ceremony, Chen ruoyan, a caring partner, brought the popular science lesson animal world to the sixth grade children, which showed the rich and colorful natural ecology for the children. Miss wang, a caring partner, brought a creative art class named "stone painting" to the fifth grade children, and brought them to experience the diversity of artistic creation through different painting materials.

Nanjing ruijin road primary school love send to teach

Later, teachers from ruijin road primary school in nanjing brought interesting demonstration lessons to local village teachers. Chinese teacher du for the third grade children brought a wonderful and interesting Chinese class "go to the sea". Music in the teacher with the children "different song with sing", into the wonderful notes of the world. Math teacher jiao, through the simple teaching method so that the children have a deep understanding of "with the number of the location". After the classroom presentation, the teachers of yunyun hope primary school and ruijin road primary school held a discussion and exchange meeting on teaching methods to learn from each other and share valuable teaching experience.